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What To Expect

First Visit - Initial Consultation

Case History:

The Initial Consultation takes approximately 30 minutes. We ask you to please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the new client form. Your chiropractor will explore your case thoroughly to gain a better understanding of how he may be able to help.

Physical Examination:

Your chiropractor will take you through a physical examination, including:
-Spinal analysis - static and motion palpation.

-Postural screening.

-Orthopaedic and neurological examination.

-Functional analysis.

Further imaging, such as x-rays, may be required to rule out pathologies and to locate problem areas. X-ray cases are referred out and are fully bulk billed with medicare. NQ X-ray Services are conveniently located across the road from our clinic at Campus Shopping Centre.

Second Visit - Report of Findings

Your chiropractor will explain your case findings and deliver your first adjustment. Explanation will include:

- The cause of your problem.

- How chiropractic can help.

- Detailing a management plan including: specific chiropractic adjustments, exercise and lifestyle advice.

Standard Adjustment Visits

Your standard visit includes the chiropractic adjustment.  An adjustment is a high velocity, low amplitude gentle force to the spine to correct dysfunctional vertebral joints (subluxation).

It is highly important to adhere to the management plan created for you, as each adjustment builds on the one before it, giving your body the best chance of healing.

As you begin to improve, your visit frequency is reduced, and exercises will be given to you to improve flexibility and stability.

Your case will be re-assessed regularly to ensure we are guiding your health on the right track.