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What To Expect

4 Step Process

1 Health History and Assessment
The purpose of the 1st visit is to see if we can help you.
We do this by discussing your health history and performing a thorough physical examination of your spine and nervous system. From this consultation we will be able to let you know if you are in the right place.

Further imaging, such as x-rays, may be required to rule out pathologies and to locate problem areas. X-ray cases are referred out and are fully bulk billed with medicare. NQ X-ray are conveniently located across the road from our practice at Campus Shopping Centre.
Please allow 30 minutes for this appointment and we ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to complete the intake form.

2 Report of Findings
At your second appointment we will go over your findings and explain how we can help you. We will give you recommendations to help you achieve your health goals. This typically includes a schedule of care, postural advice and home care exercises. If you are happy with the recommendations we will proceed with your first adjustment and first step towards achieving your health goals.

3 Adjustments
Hands-on chiropractic adjustments to correct dysfunctional vertebrae (subluxation).
It is important to adhere to the schedule of care created for you, as each adjustment builds on the one before it, giving your body the best chance of healing.
As your spine begins to stabilise and improve, your visit frequency is reduced. Exercises will also be given to you to improve flexibility and stability.
Your case will be re-assessed regularly to ensure we are guiding your health on the right track.

4 Retest
Regular tests to assess your progress, make changes to recommendations and provide options for wellness care.
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